Write From the Deep Podcast

Episode 1: Embrace the Deep
If you’re a writer, you’ve undoubtedly faced the deep places in your life and work. If you haven’t, get ready. Your time in the deep WILL come. But here’s the exciting part: we don’t need to fear the deep! Instead, we can learn to embrace it, to rest in God in the midst of it, and to let it refine us in our faith and craft. So come join us…in the deep!


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In the deep with you…

Why are we talking about the deep? Well, because we—Karen Ball & Erin Taylor Young—have both been in lots of deep places in our lives and careers. In fact, sometimes it seems we spend more time in the deep than out of it. But that’s how God works when He wants to use you. He immerses you in the lessons He wants you to teach others. So, fellow sojourners in the deep places, come join us and find encouragement and help in the midst of the deep.

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More help in the deep

Want to go even deeper? This is the place to do it. We have an abundance of resources to help and encourage you in your deep places, your craft, your faith, and more.

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