The Breaking Point

Caught in a blizzard, they expected to fight for their lives. What they didn’t expect was a miracle…

A couple on the edge—relationally and spiritually—are plunged into danger when they go off the edge of a mountain during a white-out blizzard. Now they and their Siberian husky are at the mercy of the a mountain wilderness, forced to fight for survival by doing something thet haven’t for a long time: rely on each other.

About the Book

Renee and Gabe Roman are on the edge—relationally and spiritually. Both believe they are followers of Christ who know God. So why is their marriage so difficult? After years of struggle, they wonder if it’s all been for nothing. Then, on an anniversary trip to a remote resort, their truck hurtles down the side of a mountain. Suddenly, they find themselves at the mercy of the rugged Oregon wilderness, forced to fight for survival by relying on each other. But both must surrender their last defenses if they are to come home at last—to God and to each other. Can the Romans overcome their greatest obstacle—themselves—in time?

Publisher: Thorndike Press
Publication Year: 2004
ISBN: 0786268719
List Price: $20.99
eBook Price: $5.99
Audiobook Price: $19.95