God’s Invitation in the Deep

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36 – God’s Invitation in the Deep

We often struggle when we’re in deep places, wondering what we’ve done to deserve this, why God hasn’t fixed the problems, and why oh why are we there when we’ve done all we can to follow Him? But the truth is God is there, beside you, giving you an invitation to draw closer to Him than ever before. Join the discussion with industry veteran Allen Arnold as he shares about God’s wondrous invitation to us in the deep.

Show notes

About Allen Arnold:

Allen Arnold, recipient of the 2012 ACFW Lifetime Achievement Award, spent 20 years as a leader within Christian Publishing. He was founder and publisher of Thomas Nelson Fiction, overseeing the launch of more than 500 novels spanning every imaginable genre. Today, he directs Content at Ransomed Heart—a ministry led by New York Times Bestselling Author John Eldredge—and pursues his calling to the larger creative community by helping storytellers, songwriters, and artists discover how to intimately and actively create with God.

Check out his new book The Story of With: A Better Way to Live, Love, and Create.

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The deep is the perfect place to hear God’s invitation!


  1. Emily Groeber says:

    Such an encouraging podcast at a crucial time when many of us are reevaluating our paths and goals. Thank you for the reminder that God is loving, is with us on our journey, and wants a deeply personal relationship with us.

  2. Kathy R. says:

    Incredibly eye-opening and encouraging! I’m so thankful Mr. Arnold has written a whole book on this topic. THANK YOU for your incredible podcast!

  3. Linda says:

    Just loved this. Allen always has such great spiritual insights and they always help me dig deeper into my walk with God. Thank you so much for having him on the podcast. The journey is the goal. Love that. Like life is what happens while we are waiting. It’s easy to get too caught up in our need for tangible accomplishments. Thanks again ladies!

    • Karen Ball says:

      You’re so right, Linda. Here’s to a new year of digging deeper and learning to be caught up in His will instead.

  4. This podcast fits very well into what I started this year… Instead of New year’s resolutions, I put a stickie in my journal with questions that remind me to practice listening to God more. I’ve been moving the stickie forward to each page as a reminder. I’ll add Allen’s suggestion to ask God what He’s inviting me into.
    Also, as I’m a few months away from actually finishing my memoir (“Healing Surrender: Pressing Into God When Doctors Say There’s No Cure”), your podcast made me realize that I’ve been avoiding moving forward on the next steps in the process: (1) Decide how will the book be published? Traditional or self-published? (2) What will I speak to moms about regarding the book? For some reason, the thought of going on speaking engagements has made me nervous even though in the past I was quite comfortable speaking in public. After your talk, I realized I’ve unconsciously reverting back to that darn orphan spirit! But what I need to do is ask God about those next steps and actively LISTEN for His response. (Duh!) Allen’s right. There is no fear when the Father’s love and invitations are involved. Thank you Karen, Erin, and Allen for the great reminder to live as a son and daughter of the King, rather than as an orphan spirit. Many blessings to you in 2017.

    • Erin Taylor Young says:

      What a great idea, Gabriela, to have a stickie reminder for listening to God. I need that too!

      I pray you’re walking even now in the spirit of daughtership. May our Father and King grant you peace, perseverance, and joy as you journey with Him in faith and freedom!

  5. Nancy Farrier says:

    What an encouraging and thought-provoking podcast. Thank you for sharing your insights and stories. Alan’s book is on my TBR list. I rarely read nonfiction, but will make an exception.

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