Grief in the Deep

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Karen Ball and Erin Taylor Young

29 – Grief in the Deep

Few things take us as deep as grief. But no depths are too much for God. Come explore how He can turn the seemingly impenetrable darkness of grief into fertile ground for trust and peace.


We recorded the podcast at Karen’s parents’ favorite beach.

Stairs at Bandon Beach


Rocks of remembrance.

Rocks of remembrance

One of God’s gifts – we met up with this adorable boxer.

The boxer

Later we visited Cape Arago and came upon this sea lion willing to pose for a few photos. Another small delight from God.



And there were other touches of joy…







We want to hear from you!

Have you experienced grief in the deep? What helped you get through it?



No depths of grief can go beyond the reach of God’s comfort and peace!

Nothing takes us as deep as grief—but even there, you’re not alone!


  1. Thank you, Karen and Erin, for another beautifully encouraging post. My condolences to you, Karen, because your time with your dear dad was cut short on this side of Heaven. And I’m sorry, Erin, for the loss of your beloved pet (He’s no doubt romping around in Heaven with my late dog.).
    I’ve experienced the unexpected grief as well as the expected. Neither is easy. But I can look back now and see God’s graciousness in bringing me comfort through others. When life ain’t so good, God’s goodness shines even brighter.
    By the way, I love the pictures too. Nature is my go-to place when I’m grieving.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Linda Truesdell says:

    Erin saying her niece had to “grieve for the perfect baby” is so true. In 2010 my second grandson was born with severe brain damage due to a rare intra-uterine stroke. We were not prepared for that and we have grieved for that perfect little boy we want him to be, but after that you do “roll up your sleeves and figure out what you have. And the joy we have found coming from this almost six-year-old little boy has been truly God’s gift to us. We don’t understand it at all, but we have seen God’s amazing provision through it. Is it hard to see him in a wheelchair and unable to speak? Absolutely. But every time I am with Wyatt I see the mercy of God. I see the pure love in this little boys smile and in his eyes and through that I have known God even more. I’ve lost both my parents – my dad unexpectedly and my mom just this past January. Both times God’s amazing peace swaddled me. I love the image of Erin and the dog! How loving our father is. I have nursed 3 dogs through to the end and the pain is so hard to endure. The truth is our lives are enriched when we have loved and lost. It’s hard to see that when we go through those times of losing someone we love so much. Only a God who loves us more than we can understand can take us through these very painful things and give us reasons to smile. He is so faithful to do that. Much love to you Karen and Erin for sharing this very tender podcast. You always minister to me.

    • Erin Taylor Young says:

      I love how God draws you to Him through Wyatt, Linda.

      And this–“Only a God who loves us more than we can understand can take us through these very painful things and give us reasons to smile”– Great quote, Linda. Thanks for sharing!

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