How to Find Your Catalyst in the Deep, part 1

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Karen Ball & Erin Taylor Young

05 – How to Find Your Catalyst in the Deep, part 1: What is a Catalyst and Why Does it Matter?

Do you know why you’re writing what you’re writing? What the true message is in your books? Or do you just think you do? In this 3-part series we’re going to explore the catalyst deep inside you, the spark that brings your writing to life and infuses it with power. So come join us, and discover your true catalyst as a writer.

Show Notes

To start exploring what your catalyst is, ask yourself:

  1. What matters most to me?
  2. Who matters most to me?
  3. What is my deepest fear?
  4. What makes me angriest? Why? (And dig to the core of that answer. WHY does it anger you?)
  5. What brings me the deepest joy? Why?

And then ask yourself:

  1.  What do my answers say about me, my priorities, my faith? If the answers are troublesome, what can I do about that? If the answers are encouraging, what will keep me on track?
  2.  What speaks real, soul-deep peace into my fear?
  3.  What can I do about (1) the cause and (2) the anger?


If you want to read the book that Karen mentioned was a catalyst for her novel, Breaking Point, here’s the link to Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Sacred Marriage

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  1. Linda says:

    “Write what God has put into you to write.” That line speaks to me. Even if what I want to write doesn’t seem to fit anywhere and even when others want to make it fit somewhere, I am trying to write what is in my heart. Most of the time I end up frustrated because what I find is my greatest fear is in belonging– that I do matter. So this pursuit of writing forces me to confront the thing that matters most to me – acceptance. Wow. I never realized that to be true, but if I’m honest, I know that is what I need most. Finding it in a growing relationship with God has helped me when everyone and everything else fails. Thank you for this fabulous study.

  2. Karen Ball says:

    That’s so true, Linda. Even if we don’t realize it, there’s something deep inside of us that longs to be accepted and valued. And if we look to anyone other than God for that acceptance and value, that longing becomes something the enemy uses against us when people fail us. Great insight. Praying God speaks truth and value to your heart and you are overwhelmed with a sense of His deep and abiding love and acceptance of you!

  3. Gayle Madsen says:

    Thank you! I do not know how you got my email to get in touch with me…I have a clue, but am thankful. God knew that I needed to hear this. It also helped that there was a time change and I was up one hour earlier, due to a baby fussing and my own inner alarm system. Anyway, when I am asked some very deep questions, first I recoil, then I have to really think…and this is what this first podcast made me do. I met Karen Ball at the last Mt. Hermon Writer’s Conference. It was not a personal meeting, but she was there and present and I got to see her first hand…her spark, her enthusiasm, her authenticity from across the room. I will not belabor the issue about why I am writing, but I am in God’s time table for what he has in store. My story is a journey and continuous. I need encouragment and these podcasts are going to be my catalyst! Thanks again.

    • Erin Taylor Young says:

      Hi Gayle! Glad to find you here and to know God is using this podcast to speak to your heart. Karen and I were both at Mount Hermon, and you’re right–you really can’t miss Karen’s spark, enthusiasm, and authenticity, even from across the room! I delight in seeing it at every conference I attend with her. While we were there, she and I passed around signup sheets and collected business cards from folks who wanted to be added to our Write from the Deep newsletter. You were one of the folks who handed me your card, so voila, you’re on the list to get notifications of new podcasts. : )

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