How to Find Your Catalyst in the Deep, part 2

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Karen Ball & Erin Taylor Young and Henry

06 How to Find your Catalyst in the Deep, part 2: Digging Deep to Find Your Catalyst

Do you know why you’re writing what you’re writing? What the true message is in your books? Could it be something more? Something deeper? In this 2nd installment of our 3-part series of podcasts we’re going to explore the catalyst deep inside you, the spark that brings your writing to life and infuses it with power. Today we’ll talk about more specifically about how to find your catalyst in the deep.

Show Notes

A catalyst takes a spark and fans it into flame. For writers, our catalyst is the core message buried deep inside us that’s behind everything we write. It’s the truth that only we can share.

Questions to help identify your catalyst:

Ask yourself these questions, and also find someone trustworthy who knows you, who can push you, and with whom you’re willing to be completely transparent, and have them ask you the questions as well.

1. Why did you write this book?
2. Why else? (Don’t stop at one reason)
3. What vulnerability are you sharing in your writing?
4. Why did God let you go through _______?
5. What did you learn when you went through ________?
6. Dig deeper—what was the most overwhelming feeling you had in through the process of your trial/experience?
7. How does what you learned or experienced come into play now? How does it affect you now?
8. How does that come into play in your relationship with God?

Throughout this process, other questions to ask yourself (or have others ask you) are:

  1. So what? (Use this question to drill down. Usually the first or second answer you give isn’t the real answer. Be willing to peel back the layers.)
  2. And…?
  3. Why…?
  4. Because…?
  5. And so you feel…?

Repeat these over and over to help you dig to the core of the issues you care about. Don’t let yourself off the hook with the easy answers!

After this whole process, write out what you think your catalyst is, and then test it with prayer and counsel.

You may find your catalyst is just what you anticipated it would be, or it may be a complete surprise.

We’d love to hear from you—What’s your catalyst?

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