How to Find Your Catalyst in the Deep, part 3

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Karen Ball and Erin Taylor Young 07

07 How to Find Your Catalyst in the Deep, Part 3: How to Use Your Catalyst

Why do we write the things we do? And why, if we’re serving God, do we find ourselves in deep places of struggle? In this podcast, the 3rd and final in our discussion of catalyst, we’ll build on the foundation of the last two podcasts about what a catalyst is, why it’s important, and how to find it. So join us and discover how to use your catalyst to benefit you—and your readers.

Show Notes

Use your book catalyst to:

  1. Help you identify the distinctives of your book so you can focus your pitch.
  2. Help you identify your primary, secondary, and possibly even a tertiary audience.


  1. Use that information to focus your marketing efforts. Think of ways outside the box to reach your audience.
  2. Put these ideas in your proposal, and also use them to as you plan your own marketing strategy.

Remember, knowing your core catalyst and book catalyst will help you understand and relate to the needs of your audience. Marketing isn’t about selling something. It’s about sharing truth that helped you.

Marketing Idea Example:  Surviving Henry YouTube channel

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  1. Linda says:

    This is great and really helps me to analyze my stories. So much of the time when I am writing, I don’t know for sure what my message is. It isn’t until I am finished that I can see what God might be trying to say through the words on the page. Really enjoying this series.

    • Erin Taylor Young says:

      I totally understand that, Linda! I’m glad this is helping you!

      Sometimes it takes me several drafts before I figure out my true message. But I think getting a better understanding of my core catalyst has made a difference in how quickly I make those connections for each book, talk, blog post, or whatever I’m working on. : )

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