Karen Ball & Erin Taylor Young

Mentoring and Editing

Karen Ball brings 35 amazing years of experience in the publishing industry, working with top publishing companies and award-winning, bestselling authors. Editor, agent, author, she’s done it all. Successfully! And she’s ready to use that wealth of knowledge for you!

Erin Taylor Young knows what it’s like to be a wide-eyed, newbie writer trying to make it in this business. She’s now traditionally published with a large publishing company, a co-founder of a small press, she does freelance editing, and she indie publishes to boot. She has a heart to take writers by the hand and guide them on their journey!

How Can We Help You?

Karen Ball & Erin Taylor Young put their wealth of experience and know-how to work to mentor you or edit your project! From newbie writer to experienced pro, we’re here to help!