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“To work with words, to refine stories so they reach their full potential, to join the Master Creator in using the Word to breathe life into a world that’s hurting and so terribly lost…

There’s nothing I’d rather do. Novelist. Editor. Mentor. Three of my favorite words. And, by God’s grace, three facets of my life. All of which show me, over and over, the power contained in our words, be they written or spoken.”

As the owner of Karen Ball Publishing Services, she brings an abundance of experience to the table—all of which she uses to help you! She’s headed up the fiction program for four of the major Christian publishers (Tyndale, Multnomah, Zondervan, and B&H/Lifeway), and has worked with numerous nonfiction authors as well. In addition she’s an award-winning, best-selling author of fourteen books, so she is intimately acquainted with what readers are looking for in quality and story. It’s her goal to come alongside writers and serve them, to help them write in the most powerful way possible. Karen has worked with many authors over the years, from newbies to best-sellers, including Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, Chris Heuretz, Angela Hunt, Brandilyn Collins, Robin Lee Hatcher, Terri Blackstock, Tricia Goyer, Mindy Starns Clark, Nadine Brandes, Chuck Black, and Carrie Turansky.


Macro Edit
This involves Karen doing an in-depth editorial review of manuscript, pinpointing Big-Picture issues (character development, pacing, plot, voice, show vs. tell, etc.), and writing a revision letter for the author, explaining the issues and giving possible solutions. These revision letters range from 5-6 pages to as many as 30 pages, depending on the work that needs to be done. When Karen sends the macro/revision letter to the author, her work is done. Fee is based on word length and level of work involved.

Substantive Edit
This is the line-by-line edit, during which Karen, using the Track Changes program in Word, does a full edit. She will edit for the issues mentioned above, as well as for word choice and flow. When she finishes the  edit, she’ll send the manuscript to the author, who reviews the editing and makes whatever changes they want. The author sends the manuscript back to Karen for a final clean-up. At the end of the Sub Edit, the author will have a clean edited manuscript. Fee is based on word length and level of work involved.

Both Macro and Sub Edit
The best of the best in the editing services! The fee for having both edits done on an author’s manuscript is lower than if you had them done separately. If Karen has done a macro edit and the author has revised the manuscript, the Sub Edit goes more smoothly because a number of the biggest issues have already been handled. With this full edit, Karen prepares the revision letter, then sends it to the author. When the author has done the revisions, the manuscript comes back to Karen. She does the SubEdit, then sends the marked up manuscript to the author for final changes/revisions. Karen will finalize the manuscript and send a clean copy to the author when the work is complete.

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Karen has been serving writers as mentor and coach for years. When you hire Karen as a mentor, you get one month of one-on-one time with her, studying the craft of writing either fiction or nonfiction. Karen will review your manuscript, then determine the areas you most need to refine. The mentoring process involves two 1-hour video calls a week, as well as back-and-forth email sessions, during which Karen will help you work through those areas. Basically, it’s like having Karen lead your very own, personalized writer’s conference for a month!

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Whether you’re looking for captivating back cover copy, inspiring marketing copy, appealing website copy, or blurbs of all sizes, Karen will craft just the right words to help you put your best foot—and product—forward.

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