Our Going Deeper Workshops prepare and protect a writer’s most important tool, your heart.

Workshop 1 – Prepare your Heart to be a Writer

How much time—and money—have you spent chasing your dream to be a writer?

Don’t spend one more minute—or cent—until you KNOW that your dream is really from God. This course will help you be sure, one way or the other, and that will enable you to move forward with confidence and peace.

“The truths Erin and Karen teach in this course are simple, yet so vital for Christians to stay strong and spiritually healthy through the ups and downs of the writing life. As a seasoned writer, the course resonated with me in so many ways, yet I wish I’d learned these concepts thoroughly when I first began my writing journey! Every Christian writer needs this course – as soon as possible!” 

-Misty M. Beller

“I can’t think of any better team to deliver this encouragement!…You’ve successfully given me a plan of action [for] a FIRM FOUNDATION through the Word of God and to not only protect my heart but to embrace the journey for and with my God!…What I wouldn’t have given to have heard all this in 2010.”

– Pamela Hoffman

Let us help assure your foundation is rock solid in God!


Workshop 2 – Overcoming Damaging Self-Talk

We all battle voices that make us doubt, fear, or worry. 

Voices that discourage us. 

Voices that lie.

But there’s good news! You can defeat those lies.

Triumph over negative thoughts with God’s truth. We’ll show you how!

Whether your negative self-talk stems from things people have said to you, life experiences, or the enemy’s attacks—no matter what the source—you can stop it in its tracks.

You can learn to replace negative messages with God’s truth and encouragement and find the freedom to empower your writing—and your life—in ways you’ve never dreamed!