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The Jesus Experience by Bill MyersThe Jesus Experience: Journey Deeper into the Heart of God by Bill Myers

Not long ago, author Bill Myers had a clear and unmistakable encounter with the Lord. No audible voice, no burning bush, just a still, small impression that asked, If I put you in a coma and you could not tell anyone about Me; if you could do nothing for Me . . . would I be enough? Bill realized that too many believers, himself included, have became more focused on serving the Lord we love, rather than loving the Lord we serve. Through the pages of The Jesus Experience, Myers will take you on your own personal journey of rediscovering God’s love for you and, in turn, loving others more deeply.


Streams in the DesertStreams in the Dessert: 366 Daily Devotional Readings by Lettie B. Cowman & Jim Reimann

For years, the beloved classic devotional Streams in the Desert® has sustained and replenished God’s weary desert travelers. Now, bursting forth like a sparkling clear river of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration, this updated edition of Streams in the Desert promises to revive and refresh today’s generation of faithful sojourners, providing daily Scripture passages from the popular New International Version and modern, easy-to-understand language that beautifully captures the timeless essence of the original devotional.


Between the Dreaming and the Coming True by Robert BensonBetween the Dreaming and the Coming True: The Road Home to God by Robert Benson

One man’s story of his journey through spiritual uncertainty to a newfound understanding of his relationship to God. For those who have questioned their Christian faith, Robert Benson offers an account of his sojourn in a season of trouble and his journey back to God. In this spiritual self-portrait, Benson’s experiences–battling depression and re-examining the deep Christian faith in which he has been immersed since childhood–become poignant testament of one believer’s struggle with the mysteries of faith’s road.


Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual SonshipSpiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship by Jack Frost

What would life be like with no fear? If you could feel completely at home and at rest in the intimate love of God? We all face two choices in life: to live life as if we have a home or to live life as if we do not have a home. Many Christians live like orphans because they have never made it past their fears and into a place of rest and safety. Are you one of them? Lay aside your orphan mindset. Come in from the storm and find rest! Discover your true identity-and your true home-as a beloved son/daughter of the Father.


to be toldTo Be Told: God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future by Dan B. Allender

Would you willingly overlook clear direction from God that speaks directly to you and where you are in life right now? God’s guidance is near at hand. He is not only your Authority, he is also your Author. As God writes the stories of your life, he uses your past to open up your future. It is your privilege to listen to your own story so you can live boldly for the sake of the Greatest Story, the good news of Jesus Christ. God reveals himself to you–and to others–through the story he has written in your life.


Worth Living Mary DeMuthWorth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy by Mary DeMuth

In a world of comparison and competition, it’s hard to remember that our true worth lies not in our circumstances, our achievements, or our failures. It doesn’t even lie in how we react to those things. Our worth lies in God’s unending love for us. With deep compassion, Mary DeMuth dares you to believe that the God who started a good work in you is faithful to bring it to glorious completion. That the God who redeems you also loves you—right now and always—with a beautiful love. That you are a daughter of the King, always welcomed in his presence. Discover here a future of strength and security, knowing that you are wildly loved and destined to have a great impact on the world around you. (Preview the Book)

Inspire Bible

Inspire Bible NLT: The Bible for Creative Journaling

Inspire is a single-column, wide-margin New Living Translation Bible that will be a cherished resource for coloring and creative art journaling. It is the first Bible of its kind―with over 400 beautiful line-art illustrations spread throughout the Bible. Full-page and partial-page Scripture art is attractively displayed throughout the Bible, and the illustrations can be colored in to make each Bible unique, colorful, and customizable. Every page of Scripture has two-inch-wide margins, with either Scripture line-art or ruled space for writing notes and reflections, or to draw and create. The generous 8.65-point font ensures optimal readability, and quality cream Bible paper is great for creative art journaling. Inspire is available in the popular New Living Translation, and is designed uniquely to appeal to art-journaling and adult coloring book enthusiasts.

story of withThe Story of With: A Better Way to Live, Love, & Create by Allen Arnold

From the Foreword:
“You are not alone. Whether you’re a free spirit, an office exec, a writer, musician, college student, or tired parent—your soul, like mine, knows life is meant to go beyond rat races and rare applause. This book speaks to that belief. And if you’re not careful, you may find tears warming your eyes as you read because finally someone is naming your weariness, your striving, your questions of why you just can’t quite make it, or the emptiness that hit because maybe you did. It is into those places The Story of With reaches—fusing allegory with application—to offer fresh perspective, restored hope, and a rebirth of creativity.” —MARY WEBER, the Christy & Carol Award-Winning, Scholastic Pick Author of the Storm Siren Trilogy  (Preview the Book)

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For those struggling in the deep of addictions or emotional issues: Celebrate Recovery, A Christ Centered Recovery Program. To find a Celebrate Recovery group near you, CLICK HERE.