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Speakers Karen Ball and Erin Taylor Young

Karen Ball and Erin Taylor Young bring a unique blend of humor and depth to any event. Whether speaking together or individually, their focus is to serve, challenge, and encourage their audiences, helping them to embrace the deep places in their faith and life.



Write From The Deep
God’s call to us is clear: come away with Him, let His words sink deep into us first, then take His truths to the world. This session, based on Ezekiel 2:1-3:22, will challenge writers to go deep with God in their call and their craft, for it is in the Deep that writers find refreshment, renewal, and restored passion.

Finding Your Truest Voice
We each have one thing that sets us apart from other writers: our truest voice. But are you using that voice as a writer? Too often, it’s buried under layers of what we think we need to write. Together, we can peel back those layers and discover the truest voice—and the truest message—God has given you. These are the messages that change lives.

How to Thrive in the Writing Wilderness
The wilderness seems dark and frightening, even dangerous…unless you’re trained for it. When you have the right training and tools to use, you can not only survive in the wilderness, but you can find wonder and beauty there. So get ready…your training starts now.

Podcasting to Build Your Platform
Podcasting doesn’t have to be hard. Join us in this interactive workshop to get started, or to make what you’re doing now even better. Why? Because there’s nothing like a podcast to engage your audience and build listeners—aka: a platform!—that will keep them coming back for more.

Kick Discouragement to the Curb
If God called me to write, why is it so hard? Why was that last edit so humiliating? Why did I get rejected…again? Questions like these bombard us in our discouragement, yet they also reveal a secret we can use to defeat discouragement and find peace in submitting to God.

Overcoming Damaging Self-talk for Writers
God’s creative power is in words, especially in those we say to ourselves. Words can breathe truth into our hearts and spirit, or lies. Come learn how to harness negative self-talk and turn those words into a vehicle of encouragement and empowerment.

Preparing Your Heart and Spirit for Success
An interactive track to identify your worst enemies as a writer, to learn how to stop listening to those enemies, and to build an arsenal that will ensure your writer’s voice is never silenced again!

Karen’s Additional Topics

Karen Ball Solo

Taming Fiction Dragons
They’re there, ready to pounce…those darned dragons that weaken your writing and stories, putting up speed bumps for your readers. In this session, which can be one workshop or an ongoing series of workshops, we’ll use discussion and hands-on exercises to defeat the dragons of POV, Show vs Tell, Voice, and more to banish them from our pages forever.

Life is a Journey, Don’t Miss the Ride
You’ve heard it before: What’s your goal in life? Not that goals are bad, but what happens too often is that we get so focused on the destination we completely miss the jewels of the journey. With a combination of wit and depth, Karen helps listeners learn how to not just endure, but to enjoy and savor the journey.

Your Truest Voice
Do you know your real voice as a writer? Or do you just think you do? In this interactive session, we’ll peel back the layers of who we are as individuals to unearth the the source of the stories planted inside us, and the heart of what we have to say and how we say it. In the end, you’ll discover the most important asset you have as a writer: your truest voice and message.

Did God Just Blink
What do you do when you find yourself in places you never expected? Never wanted. When—even after doing everything you could to live according to God’s laws—life goes crazy? We’ve all been there. And we’ve all wondered: ”Did God just blink?” Using her signature humor and transparency, Karen draws listeners into a frank exploration of the unexpected turns we face in life.

Karen also speaks on the many facets of writing fiction, including Deep Point of View, Point of View, Character Development, Effective Dialogue, Show vs. Tell, Writing Your Passion, and more.

Erin’s Additional Topics

Erin Taylor Young Solo
Humor How-To’s
You want to liven up your writing by adding humor, but everyone says you’re as funny as tar paper. And maybe you are. But we can change that. In this workshop, you’ll learn what humor is really all about, and how to write it with confidence.

Dialogue Dos and Don’ts
We talk all the time, so what’s so hard about writing dialogue? Plenty. Learn three secrets to writing effective dialogue and three things you should never, ever do.

The Secrets of a Great Nonfiction Book Proposal
Does the thought of writing a book proposal overwhelm you? Do you wonder what a “Competition” section is, and why it would need to be in your proposal? In this workshop, learn why proposals are more than just busywork, and how you can use each component to make editors and agents drool.

Write Fresh
We want our readers to not only love our story, but to love every word along the way. In this workshop, learn to add humor, vivid descriptions, dialogue that doesn’t dead end, symbolism, and metaphors to engage your readers word by word.


Great Expectations
So, you’re a writer? Congratulations!  Wonder, hope, joy, discouragement, wilderness, trials, delight, and so much much await you on this remarkable journey. But let’s get one thing right: you’re not alone. And God has some crucial promises for you. Make sure you’re hearing—and holding tightly—to each one.