Why Rejection is Good

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Bestselling ward-winning author Angela Hunt

08 – Why Rejection is Good

Angela Hunt is well known for being a prolific, gifted, and best-selling writer. So what helped her accomplish all that? Recognizing that rejection isn’t something to fight or be ashamed of—it’s actually one of a writer’s best tools! Come join us as Angela shares how rejection has taught her valuable lessons in this adventure we call writing.

Show Notes

With over 130 books written, both fiction and nonfiction for children and adults, and 4 million copies of her books sold, Angela Hunt knows a thing or two about writing. And the deep.

Quote Pick:
“Rejection is our greatest teacher. It’s our greatest coach. It keeps us moving forward.”

What the deep means to Angela:
“When I’m writing about the things I can’t even talk about without crying. A lot of times it’s something very personal…even though I can’t talk about it, I can write about it… sometimes with tears streaming down my cheeks…”

Wisdom from Angela:
There is power in our vulnerability…in admitting that there are no easy answers.

One of my favorite movies is Tootsie…in it the actor says, “I just have to feel this way until I don’t feel this way anymore.”

I’ve quoted that a thousand times. Because when we’re grieving or angry, or whatever your emotional condition is, you can’t just say a prayer or wave it away. You have to somehow work it through your psyche.

God understands…Jesus went away for times to pray. There are times when we have to nurse our spirits and our hearts.

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  1. Linda says:

    Ahh, rejection. Everything within me wants to flee from it. How do I cope? A lot like I did as a little girl when friends left me out of things. I want to hide. With my self esteem in shatters, I want to go play somewhere else. But I am driven by this unrelenting need, yes it is a need, to express myself. So, this writing thing still draws me. Even though it has hurt me so many times. I want to let it go. Have begged God to take it from me. I sound so much like an addict! Pray with me that God will give me peace with wherever this writing thing takes me.

  2. Linda, thanks for your honesty! I think some part of every writer wants to hide when we’re rejected. After all, we’ve opened ourselves up and no one wanted…us. Or so we think. It’s natural to want to close back up, to protect. We’ll be praying for you for clarity and peace, because if God has given us this task of writing, has created in us the desire, then all we can do is be obedient. And thick-skinned. We write whether anyone reads our words, publishes our stories, likes our voice, or not. Because God sees. God hears. God knows the words in our heart, and He uses them to draw US closer to Him. To change US for our good and His glory.

  3. Ivane Luna says:

    I’d really just like to thank you for these messages. They have such perfect timing.

    Last night, I was writing in my journal about how much writing can be an act of faith. So many writers put so much time, emotion and effort to their stories without any assurance that their work would ever be published. Rejection is something I’ve always been afraid of. Mainly because just like what Linda said above, I’ve experienced it so many times. That feeling of being out of place, not belonging, being the outcast. Writing paved an avenue for me to direct my own pain to. Anyway, I digress. *grin*

    Thank you for the reminder that even when writing sometimes feel like groping in the dark towards the unknown – and the very real possibility of rejection – He has His ways. He makes everything work together for good… just like it did with Angela’s novel.

    God bless you!

    • Erin Taylor Young says:

      Thanks for your encouragement about these podcasts, Ivane. It’s always such a delight to see how God works and speaks to His people.

      Writing really is a great way to work through our pain. I think our writing is much more of a ministry to ourselves first than it is to others. And that’s really okay. Even when our audience is simply God and ourselves, it has incredible purpose. Nothing is ever wasted with God. : )

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